Be Excellent to Yourself!

Move yo ass

Studies show people who exercise regularly have fewer heart attacks, are less susceptible to disease and look hotter in that selfie they are currently uploading to Tinder. It's not rocket surgery. Yoga moves your body, gets your heart beating, stretches your muscles and burns through the beer belly you've been meaning to do something about since 2009. It is suitable for all bodies and flexibility levels, and you don't need any fancy equipment to join in (although novelty bandanas are actively encouraged)

Cool your jets

We all know that in today's modern world we are over-stimulated, over-stressed, over-worked and over-checking how many likes we got on our latest facebook status. Pretty much all of us are seeking some kind of space away from all the madness (and if you're not - congratulations! Perhaps you can come lead the class) Broga class is a one-hour timeout from all the demands and stresses of daily life - a chance to unplug, revive and check in with the most important person of all... yourself.

Peace out, man

Don't be fooled by the hype - the purpose of yoga is *not* to look deep while posing on a rock at sunset for your instagram. The actual goal - as defined in the yoga sutras - translates as “yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind." Yip, the aim is to calm that never-ending chatter going on in our heads (and yes we all have it, not just you!) You'll come away from class feeling lighter, more refreshed and less likely to be taken on a ride by the rollercoaster of thoughts in your mind. That peace you have been seeking? We have it over here.
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